As an owner of important events, your job keeps getting more complicated.

There are new technologies to understand, contextualize, and apply. Increasing demands to show the value of your activity.  Consistent pressure to do more with less.

At Randall Insights, we provide uniquely compelling event strategy consulting services.  Our expertise helps you improve both the event’s experience and its business outcomes.  We’ve touched every aspect of an event.  We focus on the highest-impact areas in the field, with a practice that is currently emphasizing the following activities:

helping you find the right recipe of virtual technologies to enhance a physical event
applying the lessons of neuroscience and macroergonomics to make a lasting difference in your speakers and participants
interpreting event survey data to provide a blueprint for action and the means to support decisions
  1. Needs Assessment

  2. Communications Plan

  3. Virtual Event Strategy

  4. Hybrid Event Strategy

  5. Content Development

  6. Engagement Strategy

  7. Virtual Entertainment Strategy

  1. Speaker Orientation & Training

  2. Presentation Preparation

  3. Rehearsals

  4. Audience Orientation & Training

We’ve helped some of the world’s leading organizations, and we’d love to talk to you.  Please take a look at our recent thinking, and feel free to contact us.

“Finally, someone really  understands me...

...and where I want to take my events.”